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The faucet in your house or company may either conserve or cost you a great deal of money. When a faucet is placed incorrectly, it might leak. Not only is that leaking faucet bringing about a loss of money, but it may also cause significant harm to the neighboring buildings. Having this plumbing fixture fixed as soon as feasible will help you save money at present and over the long term as well. It can also protect your home and pipes from additional harm.

Did you know those leaky faucets can consume over 200 gallons or more of water each month in Chicago, IL? Of course, now you see how the kitchen faucet or other type of faucet leaking in your home or business will result in a needless rise in your water expenditure. But thankfully, you can call in experts to deal with this issue and solve your plumbing problem.

If you want to reduce your overall costs and waste less money on water, you should contact our team in Chicago, IL, as soon as possible. Aside from waste, leaking faucets can indicate other plumbing issues, which can be expensive in the long term.

Our team at Chicagoland Quality Plumbing in Chicago, IL, is here to address your faucet installation, kitchen faucet repair, and general plumbing problems. We understand that issues ranging from water pressure to minimal hot water to valve issues can cause significant stress and disrupt your day-to-day life.

If you are looking for quality plumbing repair, plumbing component replacement, or help with your fixtures in Chicago, IL, reach out to us today and contact us at 773-699-7473!

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    Types of Faucets We Tend To Service in Chicago

    Four primary types of faucets are available on the market. Each kind has distinct functions and components. The following descriptions will assist you in determining the sort of faucet you presently have or would want to have installed.

    Ball Faucets

    Washerless faucets were initially introduced with ball faucets. They are distinguished by a single handle with a circular cover at the spout's bottom.

    Disc Faucets

    Disc faucets are the most highly sophisticated form of faucets. Rather than a ball, they feature a cylindrical shape with two disc-controlled sections.

    Cartridge Faucets

    A cartridge faucet is more difficult to recognize since it might have a one or dual lever. Instead, they function with a moveable stem cartridge, which means that you can control the flow of water and temperature with a single handle, pushing up or down for circulation and left or right for degrees.

    Compression Faucets

    Compression faucets are the most affordable faucets to buy. Many homes currently have both original and upgraded models. They feature two handles that you must adjust and twist to manage the supply of water and warmth.

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    Our Steps to Prepare for a Faucet Installation

    Our approach to our faucet installation may vary slightly, but these are the generally accepted processes to conducting faucet installation.

    • A wrench, plumber’s putty, string, and Teflon film are all required equipment.
    • If there is an existing faucet, a basin wrench will be required to detach it. If there is any electricity available, shut it off. The service valves are usually found beneath the toilet bowl or sink. They are in charge of the water delivery from the pipeline to the basin.
    • Because of the abundance of alternatives on the market, choosing a faucet has been a challenging process. The variables to consider include comfort and extended reliability. The first thing to keep in mind is that appearances are unimportant. Choose a color that complements the adjacent cupboards and furnishings and is simple to maintain.
    • In the kitchen, a single-hand faucet is most often utilized. They give your kitchen a trendy design and are simple to operate. To connect them to the sinkhole, all you need is a basin wrench. You may need to affix a decorative plate based on the kind.
    • Hot and cold valves control the water temperature leaving the tap. These valves are typically seen on two- or three-handle faucets. Except for the rotational orientation, these valves are similar and serve opposing functions.
    • It’s not as tough as you assume to put a contemporary two-handle faucet. To get going, all you need is some plumber’s putty, pliers, and a wrench. The majority of the setup is simple and should be covered in the company’s handbook.
    • The two-handle faucet must be correctly anchored. Check the company’s handbook for any differences in fastening hardware or hardware for narrower decks. Tightening with too much force may cause the surface to fracture. Pinch the nuts using your hands if feasible, rather than a wrench.
    • Determine the faucet’s valves and attach the water supply pipes. Cover the valves with thread and Teflon film to provide a secure seal. Spin the valve nuts with your hands before tightening them with a tool.
    • Test the rotary hopper before turning the water on to fix it immediately if there is a leak. Stick the valves with a clamp wherever the water drops. Keep in mind that you can’t force it since it breaks the surface.
    • It is suggested that the lines be flushed during the installation of a faucet. If you have not done so previously, flushing the line will entail turning the water supply on.

    Of course, many of our residential clients find that they do not have the time to deal with faucet installation, whether it be a kitchen faucet or bathroom faucet. As a result, our clients rely on us to be professional, effective, and approachable. 

    While this does serve as a general faucet guide for our clients in Chicago, IL, it is necessary to note that all you have to do is reach out to our plumbing team for an assessment. Our team in Chicago, IL, will come and check out the issue and move forward with the right solution. Whether you need faucet installation, faucet repair, or find that you have issues with your kitchen sink, our team is there for you.

    At Chicago Land Quality Plumbing, we make sure to provide the right service while staying transparent, affordable, and honest with our projects.

    We Solve Faucet Problems Quickly

    A faulty bathroom plumbing system may ruin a whole day. A gently dripping bathroom faucet, for example, may have a substantial impact on your water cost. Likewise, low water pressure is a significant cause of drips and leaks. We are well-versed in bathroom faucet repair and replacement for the majority of primary varieties of bathroom faucets, such as:

    • Cartridge
    • Ball
    • Disk
    • Compression

    Kitchen Faucet

    Our plumbers are well-versed in kitchen faucet servicing and replacement. Spills and leaks can cause drainage problems and expensive water bills. In addition, we may install a new sink or waste disposal.

    Outdoor Faucet

    Outdoor faucets can become broken and begin to leak, resulting in floods. On the other hand, a leaking outside faucet might be a sign of a fractured or damaged pipe. In that situation, we provide trenchless sewer repair utilizing cutting-edge technology.

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