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Only Take Cold Showers When You WANT To

Water heaters don’t last forever but don’t worry, the team at Chicagoland Quality Plumbing can help you get your hot water running again. Our team is trained in professional water heater installation and repair services.

If your water temperature is unpredictable, you frequently take ice-cold showers against your will or you get sudden splashes of cold water in the middle of otherwise warm water flow, then you may be looking at issues with your hot water heater.

Most hot water heaters have a lifespan of around the 8-12 year mark and as they age you may notice signs of trouble with your hot water.

Signs of Hot Water Heater Issues:

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    Why Ask Chicagoland Quality Plumbing to Install Your Hot Water Heater?

    Our crew of professional plumbers are thoroughly trained to install various types of hot water heaters. Installing one on your own can be risky. Aside from poor performance and efficiency, there are other dangers with improper installation. A professional is usually needed for the job.

    We are familiar with the Chicago area plumbing codes and come to each job with the knowledge
    and skills to get the job done right.

    As a locally owned and operated, family business we’re proud of the work we do. New installs for any part of your plumbing system, hot water heater included, should be done with a high level of care, planning and craftsmanship. You can trust that our work is some of the best in the industry.

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    Why choose Chicagoland Quality Plumbing for your residential plumbing needs?

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    We know quality, customer service and peace of mind at Chicagoland Quality Plumbing

    You can have complete confidence in our crew. We come in clean and leave your residence
    looking like we weren’t even there. We don’t just serve our customers well, we respect that we
    are coming into their homes and businesses. We’ll treat you right.

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