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sewer repair and maintenance in Chicago, IL

Juggling between work and home chores, we often overlook the fact that your home needs regular maintenance. Painting the walls, changing furniture, maintaining the backyard, fixing electrical systems- all of it requires a serious commitment of time and effort. However, on the other hand, another part of your house that needs to be maintained is the sewer system.  


Of course, sewer repair and general plumbing services are certainly the last points on our minds. But the fact is that sewer services are certainly necessary and become urgent in certain situations. As a homeowner, you need to have routine checkups of the sewer line and maintain it regularly. Without a doubt, in many cases, sewer systems are neglected. Whether it is in your house, the office you work in, or any other place. 


Further, no one likes throwing hefty amounts of money into repairing drainage systems. The hassle and high costs of sewer line repairs make homeowners think twice about the idea of maintaining them frequently. But when it happens, it is time to face the realities and deal with the obstacles. 

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    What is a Sewer Line?

    First things first, let us get our facts straight. A sewer line is nothing like a clogged toilet. It is a network of pipes that transports wastewater from bathtubs, showers, toilets, washing machines to your city’s wastewater treatment plant.

    What are the types of sewer lines?

    • Cast Iron Pipes- Popularly used since 1817, cast iron pipes have been one of the oldest types of swerving pipes. They are strong, but one primary drawback about this sewer line is that it is vulnerable to corrosion and rusting. 
    • Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)- A combination of plastic and vinyl, the Polyvinyl chloride pipes are suitable for drinking water and are resistant to rust, decay, and corrosion. 
    • Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)- ABS pipes are made of black plastic and are one of the oldest kinds of pipes on the market. They are rarely found anywhere. 

    Warning Signs Your Sewer System Needs Maintenance Immediately

    When we first hear about sewer system repairs and maintenance, the first thing that is likely to pop up in our minds is how expensive maintenance can be. While sewer maintenance can put a small dent in your bank account, remember that sewer repair can be even more costly. However, to save yourself from the damage, there are some warning flags you need to watch out for. Let’s look at five of the most common indications of potential issues that might call for sewer repair.


    • A pungent odor coming from the drainage system. 
    • Your sinks or drains are often clogged. 
    • You notice debris or gunky much in toilets, sinks, or bathtubs. 
    • You notice shower heads don’t have the same water flow as they had before.
    • You hear odd noises from walls as water flows through them.


    If you notice these signs, remember to reach out to a professional at a place like Chicagoland Plumbing immediately. Whether you are looking for trenchless sewer repair or other types of sewer services, our professional plumbers at Chicagoland Plumbing are here to address your concerns.

    How Often Should Sewer Lines be Cleaned?

    Now the question is, how often should one get the sewer lines cleaned? Well, the answer is far from simple. The short answer? It depends. Make a habit of calling a team of professional plumbing services at places like Chicagoland Plumbing and get the pipelines inspected. Our group of professional plumbers in Chicago, IL, and nearby areas will maintain, clean, and look for any leaks, etc. Additionally, we recommend you get your house inspected at least every 18 months or less.

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