7 Common Problems with Drains for Homes in Chicago

Maintaining a functional drain is crucial to any commercial or residential property, which is why so many people rely on professional drain services in Chicago, IL. A home’s sanitation shares a direct relationship with the health of the drains that lead waste away from the places where you relax, eat, work and raise a family. A clogged or broken drain presents a multitude of problems, including these seven common issues seen by the Chicagoland Quality Plumbing drain services in Chicago.

Signs That You Need Our Drain Services in Chicago

Most drainage problems do not give subtle alerts, and you will usually notice the following signs that you have a rising problem on your hands:

Slow Drainage

If you have a clog somewhere in the system, a toilet or shower might drain slower. In complex cases, the water even overflows or refuses to go down. Chicagoland Quality Plumbing has a qualified team to handle whatever issues arise with sewer and drain cleaning.

Bad Odors

You will smell a blocked drain before you see its backlog effects. Waste that does not pass freely stinks, and many residential clients recognize their drains need repair when they notice this sewer-like smell. The smell may not be constant, so pay attention to abnormalities and other signs while calling our reliable residential plumbing services in Chicago for thorough cleaning services.

Wet Spots

A malfunctioning drainage system typically accumulates moisture at a spot outside of the building. It is a common sign that your sewer line is leaking, but wet spots can pop up at multiple points in the yard.

Discolored Water

A discolored water spot is far more serious. If you notice murky water accumulating in your yard, you will need to call one of our licensed plumbers immediately before the situation affects your health and safety.


Mosquitoes love to gather at a stagnant water supply. These insects spread threatening diseases, so reach out to us as soon as you notice more of them around.

Water Flow Disruption

Improper drainage becomes evident on the lower floor first. For example, you may notice movement in the downstairs toilet when you flush the toilet upstairs. It warrants immediate attention for your pipe system as a whole.

Gurgling Noises

You’ll hear gurgling noises with backed-up water that disrupts the airflow. For example, turning on the faucet in the kitchen may cause a gurgling sound in the bathrooms.

Repeated Clogging

Drains are remarkable at rectifying some problems without intervention, and homemade cleaning solutions often see to smaller clogs. However, persistent problems indicate that you need to call our licensed plumber to sort out your sewer and drain cleaning.

Low Water Pressure

You may not detect a faulty drain for weeks, but low water pressure is one of the first indications of a problem.

Expensive Water Bills and Warm Basement Floors

An unusually high water bill could indicate a leak, and a ruptured copper pipe could warm the basement floor. Both situations have serious consequences, and quickly addressing the problem will save you money and time.

If You See These Seven Problems, Call Our Drain Services—Chicago, IL

Do you need drain services? Chicago customers often call on our experienced team for these seven common drainage and plumbing problems at their homes or offices:

#1 Invasive Tree Roots

Moisture creates a favorable environment for tree roots to spread and grow. Invasive tree roots will cause stoppages and slow draining, though. We will need to remove the problem and fix the pipe networks.

#2 Clogs and Creatures

Rats and squirrels often climb into roof vents and lodge in the pipes. The clog quickly leads to drainage issues, odors, and contaminants.

#3 Deteriorating Plumbing

Old homes are charming, but most have outdated plumbing systems. One example of an older plumbing fixture is a u-shaped house trap or “rat trap.” Modern homes do not use these mechanisms because it is extremely challenging to unblock them.

#4 Galvanized or Copper Pipes

Galvanized pipes featured in the 1950s, and recent research shows the dangers as these pipes release lead when they rust. The corrosion builds in your waterways and contaminates drinking water. Copper pipes also have the same issues with lead soldering.

#5 Polybutylene Pipes

Plumbers often refer to these pipes as “poly,” and many older homes feature these recognizable black, grey, or blue pipes. Poly pipes are dangerous because they have poor reactions to antioxidants in the water supply. It causes scaling, brittle pipes, and complete deterioration, with inevitable ruptures costing thousands in repairs.

#6 Sewer Bellies

Sewer bellies are usually the direct result of poor installation. However, it can also be due to tree roots and natural disasters, which shift the foundations or soil. It creates a sag or “belly” in the pipes, which leads to the collection of water, erosion, and blockages.

#7 Neighbors’ Drainage

A neighbor’s poor drainage may also contribute to problems in your system. For example, if your home is on a lower level than your neighbor’s, their water issues could overwhelm your drains in the rainy season. If you notice any of the signs above in your property or a neighbor’s home, it is best to call our professional drain services in Chicago and the surrounding areas.

Chicagoland Quality Plumbing Can Help You

Our team has specialized equipment to assess the causes of your drainage woes and get to work,
including cameras, detectors, cleaning and repair equipment, and replacement services.

  • Drain Cameras: A special camera goes down your drain to detect water clogs and other issues. It shows rust, roots, corrosion, and ruptures.
  • Special Detectors: Our crew uses detectors with electromagnetic systems, particularly for older homes. It finds problematic pipes and shows how deep we have to dig to access them.
  • Cleaning Services: Our plumbers find and resolve clogs for all types of issues. We handle all complicated problems, such as tree roots, so that you can relax.
  • Replacement and Repair Services: If you have galvanized pipes with lead service lines or deteriorating polybutylene pipes, call us to remove and replace them before they affect your water.

The Chicagoland Quality Plumbing team resolves all plumbing and drain concerns in the Chicago area.
Call us at (773) 699-7473 today for more on how we can help you with the problems above.

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