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Chicagoland Quality Plumbing services have been a household name in the Chicago area for over thirty years. Our goal is to resolve all problems that our customers experience, including clogs, burst pipes, backflow, and slow drainage. Our plumbing services will have your home or business up and running as soon as possible.

Chicagoland Quality Plumbing Services

Our technicians provide exceptional plumbing services, competently handling any drain or pipework concerns from our residential and commercial customers in the Chicago, IL, area. The core drain and plumbing services we offer are:

  • backflow inspections
  • commercial plumbing
  • drain services
  • residential plumbing
  • water heater installations

Backflow Inspections

Backflows are a typical plumbing problem when the water pressure downstream is higher and pushes everything back to the drain opening. Backflows allow for non-potable water to get into clean or otherwise usable water, and the health ramifications can be devastating. It is a severe problem that needs our professional attention as soon as possible to prevent animal droppings, human waste, and other contaminants from clogging up the system.

A backflow issue that continues for an extended period easily results in gastrointestinal problems and sanitation concerns for your home or business. Chicagoland has dealt with many similar issues in the area and is ready with the right equipment and experience for the job. We will investigate the reasons for the backflow and ensure that your drinking water is safe.

How Chicagoland Quality Plumbing Services Handle Backflows

Our team uses double check valves and reduced pressure principle devices as barriers. Our technicians have a wealth of knowledge about installing and repairing backflow preventers, and we are certified with Illinois’ Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Health and safety are a huge concern, so we provide annual inspections for residential and commercial drains to ensure these backflows are detectable and preventable. We highly recommend allowing our team to provide you with an annual or bi-annual inspection—contact us today for any emergency plumbing needs or to ask about our maintenance plans.

Commercial Plumbing

Businesses need to pay special attention to their plumbing. A small but recurring problem is all it takes for an inconvenient shutdown of an entire facility. Any small blockage or backflow issue might render your premises unsafe for operation.

Our technicians have years of experience in managing any commercial plumbing issues, and we specialize in clog removal, fixing leaks, drain cleaning, and general maintenance.

How We Handle Plumbing for Our Commercial Clients

Chicagoland Quality Plumbing services include cutting-edge cameras and equipment to detect problems with sewer lines, main shut-off valves, and more. Our team has unique locators, especially for older facilities with intricate plumbing setups and hard-to-find pipes. We also install water filtration systems to keep your water supply safe and running.

Do you suspect a leak or that a pipe needs repair? Call Chicagoland Quality Plumbing and see how we can help you keep your commercial facility running smoothly.

Drain Services

A clogged drain might be from tree root intrusions, old plumbing, or waste blockages. The most common areas are the bathroom and kitchen drains, and you will know about the clog in advance because of the unpleasant odors in those rooms. The toilets might also be slow to flush, and the shower drains slow to release.

Drains are the most requested plumbing services in the area. If you have a clogged drain, give us a call. We will fix it for you quickly, and you are sure to find our rates competitive.

How We Handle Clogged Drains in Chicago

Home cleaners are largely ineffective at rectifying complex problems, such as root intrusions or severely impacted drains. Call one of our licensed plumbers, and we will find the real problem and keep it from recurring. For example, our team is well-versed in hydro-jetting to rid your pipes of any obstructions.

Hydro-jetting is the application of high-pressure water to blast away drain blockages without damaging the pipes. It is not invasive like digging through the yard’s pipe systems, and it can stand as an effective preventative tool for drain blockages in residential and commercial properties. Why not schedule your annual inspection with us, and watch us keep your drains clear and functional year-round?

Residential Plumbing

Our technicians are skilled enough to appreciate the differences between a home and a business’s plumbing needs. We find creative solutions and approaches to both settings. You might need our plumbing services if you notice wet spots in the yard or an increase in the number of mosquitoes.

Another clear sign that you need our residential plumbing services is a disturbance in your water pressure. Don’t wait until problems accumulate—call our Chicagoland Quality Plumbing services for a quick inspection or an annual maintenance option.

Why You Need Chicagoland Quality Plumbing Services

We have trained professionals who can help you unclog drain issues or see to complex issues, such as a severed sewer line or rusted and eroded pipes. Our plumbing services save you money and help you:

  • keep your drains clean,
  • keep your water free of contaminants,
  • clear your drainage system,
  • save on water bills, and
  • avoid costly replacements.

Water Heater Installations

The Chicago winters are brutal, as temperatures drop below freezing at regular intervals. Why brave a cold shower when you can set up a reliable water heater with our affordable plumbing services? If it is time to replace your old water heater, call us.

Chicagoland Quality Plumbing often addresses complaints about old water heating systems, including those that:

  • emit gurgling sounds
  • have inconsistent hot or cold functions
  • pass dirty brown water from the shower

These struggles should not be permanent—call our professionals to assess the problem and install quick repairs. We can safely install a new system for you or repair the old one for a few more years of life. You will find Chicagoland Quality Plumbing’s licensed plumbers attentive and qualified, no matter the scope of the issue.

Chicagoland Quality Plumbing boasts consistency and high-quality plumbing services. We serve residents and businesses in Chicago and the surrounding areas. Our local customers praise us for quick service, excellent work standards, and reasonable charges—call us today at (773) 699-7473 to see our plumbing services for yourself.

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